1 - How long does delivery take? How much does it cost?

6thblvd offers delivery services to more than to 80 global destinations. You can find out which destinations 6thblvd ships to and the delivery charges here.

2 - Are there shipping restrictions on any items 6thblvd sells?

There are specific country restrictions particularly on products containing animal skins and fur. Antiques and high value precious stones and jewellery may also be restricted. Please contact 6thblvd Help Center at or (+44) 74-5803-8094 to confirm if restrictions apply to your delivery destination.

3 - Do I need to pay for Delivery Duties and Tax?

No. All prices you see on the site are inclusive of taxes and customs duties. You will never be asked to pay additional charges.

4 - Is it possible to ship to multiple destinations?

Currently it is only possible to ship to one destination per order.

5 - I have ordered multiple items. Why have they not all arrived together?

Partners are located globally and therefore send your items from multiple locations. If you are concerned about a particular item, please check your order status in your account or alternatively please contact Customer Service at or (+44) 74-5803-8094.

6 - Can I have my order shipped to my PO box?

6thblvd need a signature for delivery so unfortunately we do not ship to PO boxes.

7 - I ordered an item but the boutique cancelled the order! Why?

6thblvd works with our partners to ensure all items listed on 6thblvd are available for sale. Occasionally, an item may already have been sold in store. Please let us know if this happens so we can work to make sure it doesn’t in future.

8 - Can I cancel my order?

Up until the point that we have not started processesing your order and accepts it, you may cancel your order. If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us immediately or WhatsApp (+44)74-5803-8094

9 - My order was cancelled. When do I receive my refund?

Should your order have been cancelled after 6thblvd accepted your order, 6thblvd will process your refund as quickly as possible. Please note it may take up to 7-14 days for your refund to appear in your account depending on your bank or card issuer.

10 - Is my order insured during delivery?

Yes, your order is insured until it is delivered to you.

11 - How can I leave a review or feedback for my purchase?

Please leave a review or feedback on our social channels. Links to each of these can be found at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, please contact our Help Center at or WhatsApp them at +(44)74-5803-8094. Our team are available from 8am to 7pm GMT from Monday to Saturday.

12 - How do I change my Primary Billing or Primary Shipping address?

Please log into your account and add or delete delivery addresses in the addresses section.

13 - How do I change the email address on my account?

Please login to your account and edit your registered email address in the personal details section..


1 - Can I return my order? How do I book a return?

You may return an item within 14 days of receiving your order. To arrange a return please contact our Help Center at or WhatsApp them on +(44)74-5803-8094. We recommend contacting the Team within 5 days of receiving your order to allow adequate time for your item to be received. Please note, if the returns tag is not attached to an item, we may not be able to accept the returned item.

2 - Once I return an item how long will it take to process my refund?

Once we received your return and confirm it meets the conditions set out in our T&Cs we aim to process your refund within 7 working days. Please note it can take up to 14 days for the funds to be available in your account, depending on your bank or card issuer.

3 - Will my refund include any shipping and/or duties I have paid?

Refunds include the price of your order including any VAT and sales tax but excluding delivery costs. If you were charged local import duties you may be able to recover these by contacting your local customs bureau directly.


1 - How does 6thblvd ensure the items for sale are authentic?

6thblvd only selects reputable distributors to sell on our online marketplace. All boutiques are vetted thoroughly. Should you suspect an item you have purchased is a copy please contact Open for Vintage customer services immediately on (44)74-5803-80948 or

2 - I'm concerned about privacy. Are my details secure and is it safe to use my credit cards?

6thblvd shares your concerns about privacy and security. We never store your credit card information and processes all payments using Stripe, a specialised payments provider using the latest encryption technology to keep your personal details safe. In addition 6thblvd offer an International Bank Transfer Service so you may shop without the use of your credit card if you prefer.


1 - Tell me about 6THBLVD?

You can read more about 6THBLVD in the About Us section here. In short, Open for Vintage is an online marketplace of the finest boutiques offering a range of beautiful vintage, antique and pre-owned items.

2 - How do I know about the quality?

Buying second hand items traditionally can be a hit or miss experience but is made much easier with 6THBLVD. We provide detailed product descriptions and photography of each item including any details of any wear and tear or imperfections. If you aren't happy with your purchase, we offer a 14 days returns policy.

3 - Can I exchange an item I have ordered?

Due to the nqture of the products that 6thblvd offers, exchange is not allowed. However, all orders that were not yet processed are eligible for exchange. Contact us immediately.

4 - If an item has wear and tear, do you offer a repair service?

We do not directly, however individual boutiques may. Please contact Customer Services at (+44) 204 542 447 or and they will check for you. All items that include wear and tear will specify this in their product description.

5 - What currencies can I shop? How do I choose a different currency?

6thblvd offer customers a range of currencies to shop in. Please select your currency of choice from the menu in the top right hand side of the website.

6 - What Payment Methods does 6thblvd accept?

6thblvd accepts most major credit cards worldwide. In addition, 6thblvd also offers international bank transfer services.

Instalment Payment service is available only in Europe.

7 - Do you offer Free Shipping?

Mostly, our products are eligible for free shipping. We ship all orders above £75 for free, worldwide.

7 - Do you offer Free Shipping?

You ,ay contact us through email, / WhatsApp (44)74-5803-8094 or call +44 204 542 4472